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The purpose of this blog is to give an account of my adventures during my stay in Shanghai, China.


Shanghai 2007 - 2008Posted by Gard-H. Madsen Wed, May 28, 2008 03:59:47

Last leg

Woke at 7.30 a.m. Morning routine.

Got to work around 10 a.m. Started working on a presentation that we have to hold on Wednesday on the progress and the findings of our research. Clever as I am, I used the template that I made for our last presentation back in March.

Of course, presenting findings meant that I had to read through most of the paper and extract useful bits of information here and there. It took some time. I felt a little restless today and kept pacing around in the apartment doing everything but what I was supposed to. Needless to say, this did not expedite the presentation.

Had a long lunch and returned to my desk to finish the presentation. I kept getting sidetracked as I read through the thesis and wrote in new things, deleted old things and made general corrections.

Chatted for a long time with people in Norway, complaining over how easy they have it, having to write only 40 pages on their thesis and with no presentation. I suppose it is only fair as I have had a great experience doing my final year in China. Somehow I guess the universe is still in balance.

Finished the presentation, as much as I could on my own, and was satisfied that I had done enough for today. Went out and got some dinner to go. Watched Lars and the real girl. Brilliant movie. So good that I even watched the extra material. Really very nice and a movie I think even my sister would enjoy.

Sat surfing the net for a while and chatting to some people around the world. I really don’t understand how I survived three years in Reading without a laptop connected to the internet.

Went to bed a little past 11 p.m.

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