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The purpose of this blog is to give an account of my adventures during my stay in Shanghai, China.


Shanghai 2007 - 2008Posted by Gard-H. Madsen Tue, June 17, 2008 14:54:22

Let's wrap this up

Woke at 9 a.m. Couldn’t believe it. No matter what I do, I cannot for the life of me sleep past 9 a.m. I was hoping to rest up today, but no such luck. Got up and did what I do every morning.

Felt tired from the moment I set foot outside my bed. Reluctantly I had breakfast and hoped to wake myself up with a long shower. After handing in the thesis, I have lost all interest in staying here. Particularly as I am only here to give a presentation that students in Norway are not required to do. Only six more days now...

Spent the early part of the day, generally feeling sorry for myself and annoyed that I had to prepare for the presentation on Wednesday. Had a little read-through of my own before going out for lunch. Had hoped to get some food before meeting the girls, but all I could find was some fruit. I am sick of the limited options provided to me by the three or four Chinese restaurants in the compound. Everything is so fatty and foul-smelling. Often the taste is nothing to write home about either. I yearn for cooked, as opposed to all the fried, food and some fresh fish. I met the girls at Starbucks, but this weekend is an official holiday in China and the place was packed. It is some sort of Dragonboat festival thingy.

Instead, we sat down in my apartment and started working on the presentation. I had already made some slides, but more was needed. Sat around for a few hours doing that, before breaking up and going our separate ways to practice.

Spent a quiet evening in the apartment. Watched a movie. Looked over the presentation. Sent a few emails. Before you know it, it was time for bed.

Asleep by 11 p.m. and ready for the final week in China.

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